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One thing is certain, Texas weather is unpredictable. Follow these simple steps to prepare your home for the fall and winter season. After all, a well-maintained home tends to yield more when it comes time to sell and can save you from costly repairs before you list.

The Interior

  • Have fireplace cleaned

  • Change HVAC filters

  • Break out the humidifier

  • Check smoke/CO detectors

  • Stock up on firewood

  • Reverse your fans (if they turn clockwise, they’ll circulate warm air!)

The Exterior

  • Fix peeling paint

  • Clean gutters and downspouts

  • Check exterior caulk, especially at corners of siding and around any entry points for wiring and plumbing

  • Remove dead tree limbs and branches hanging over roof

The Structure

  • Repair loose shingles

  • Disconnect hoses

  • Repair driveway or sidewalk cracks

  • Check all weather stripping around doors and windows


  • Plant bulbs for Spring flowers

  • Fertilize and re-seed lawn

  • Winterize irrigation system

  • Winterize and store the lawn mower and summer garden tools

The Patio

  • Clean and store furniture

  • Close the pool

  • Bring plants indoors

For a complimentary home valuation, or to get started with the listing process, contact me today!

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