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Why Use a REALTOR When Buying New Construction?

When you are buying new construction, it’s wise to first seek advice from a professional – like a Realtor. Remember that the selling agent works for the builder and has their best interests in mind. You need someone representing your best interest – and that’s a Realtorwho works for you. Many people believe that using a real estate agent prevents them from getting the best price or the best incentives from the builder. This is not true! The builders have already built the commissions into their marketing and/or sales price of the home. They will not offer you a better deal just because you’re not working with a real estate agent. The commission saved will go back into their pocket – not yours!

There are no Realtor fees for a buyer - those are typically paid by the builder (seller). And because the Realtor works for you, you can have peace of mind that they have your best interest in mind throughout the process.

There are several ways working with an agent benefits a buy, including having someone to help:

• Advocate for you

• Find the right builder

• Enhance your knowledge of the builder, the home and its construction quality

• Negotiate upgrades (they know what is negotiable and what is not)

• Make decisions with resale value in mind

• Make the right choices for your budget

• Run comps to confirm pricing is in line with market values

• Negotiate offers on your behalf

• Coordinate, oversee and understand the home inspection (yes, new construction needs to be inspected!)

• Assist with the complexities of contracts and paperwork

• Recommend financing

• Advise on covenants, codes and deed restrictions

• Clarify costs associated with special taxing districts such as a PID, MUD, or MDD

Do not run the risk of being unrepresented in what its often one of the biggest investment you will make. You need a professional REALTOR advocating for your best interest.

Kim Woodul Realtor is the #1 Top Producing Agent in the Ebby Halliday Rockwall Heath Lake Ray Hubbard office. If you are looking to buy a NEW HOME soon, contact Kim today so she can help you take advantage of Buyer Incentive programs available to you!

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